GW05 – Nym Selects

FPL is back! This week Nym takes a look at the best options available for your captain pick and also if you fancy someone a little different a couple of differentials for you.

Best Captain > Aguero – Man City vs Fulham

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There are a few great options out there, like Hazard at home to Cardiff, for the captaincy pick this coming Gameweek. But there’s not many times this season that we can shy away from Aguero at home, unless we know for sure that he’s not going to play. The last time these two teams met each other at the Etihad in 2014, it was 5-0 to City. Manchester City were a very different looking side to the one we’ll see facing Fulham on Saturday. However, City have not let up on their consistently strong performances at home, and all of Sergio’s points returns (three goals and one assist) have been during his games at home. This game might not be a walk in the park for City, given the form of Mitrovic, but Aguero’s pedigree in returning points at the Etihad should make him a safe pick for your armband in Gameweek 5.

Best Differential (Under 10% Owned)  Lukaku – Watford vs Man United

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Lukaku has flown largely under the radar this season, and is just 7.5% owned in the official game. Unlike Aguero, all of Lukaku’s points returns (three goals) have come from away fixtures. He faces Watford away next, followed by Wolves at home and then West Ham away. Romelu’s scoring rate is a goal every 98 minutes, but he is top of the expected goals of 2.88 [] compared to his team mates. At £11m, he’s not the cheapest forward with other, much cheaper, options returning more consistently. However, he does look favourable if you compare him to Aubameyang (at £0.1m difference) who has a scoring frequency every 344 minutes this season, and has an XG of 1.33. If you are considering a second premium forward, Lukaku could be the man.

Best Differential (Under 5% Owned) Billing – Huddersfield vs Crystal Palace

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This is a bit of a left field punt, but given there are some people using wildcards this week, chucking a very cheap midfielder into the mix might help for the playing fifth midfielder spot. Billing is just 1.4% owned and has one goal. You might be wondering why he makes it on my list. Well, the main reason is his minutes; he’s played every minute so far this season for Huddersfield. If you want cheap back-up on your bench, then a consistently playing player is what you need. Also Billing is showing great attacking promise for a player of his price. He had one shot on target and one shot blocked against Everton. Couple that with his accuracy of passing for 74% plus, then he could be a steal at just £4.5m.

Best Clean Sheet Chance –  Chelsea – Chelsea vs Cardiff

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Chelsea have played Cardiff twice in the Premier League and both times Chelsea have been the victors. However, despite their victories over The Bluebirds, Chelsea did not keep a clean sheet during either of those games, although, that was all the way back in 2013/2014. Bearing that in mind, along with Cardiff’s sudden rise in form last gameweek with two goals against Arsenal, you might give a second thought to a clean sheet scenario for The Blues.  But, we cannot discount the ability of Chelsea in defence. They are a much better defensive team than Arsenal, and so it could be a whole lot tougher for Cardiff to score against Chelsea, especially as Cardiff may well find themselves defending the majority of the game.

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