GW08 – Assessing your Rank

Eight weeks into the season, we’ve now reached the second international break, and that two-week pause in FPL proceedings is a good opportunity for managers to assess their season so far and evaluate where they are in terms of their targets for the season.

I’ve seen quite a few managers across various forums ask recently if it’s still possible to achieve their best finish, or to win their main mini league, but the key thing at this point is to remember that we’re only 21% through the season. There are 30 weeks of FPL ups and downs for us all to look forward to and in that time a huge amount can change, so regardless of how your team has performed at the start to the season, there are still plenty of possibilities for you to achieve your goals.


Looking at these differences between rank milestones we can review how tight the margins are:

  • The top 100,000 managers are only separated by 136 points;
  • Just 44 points separate those at 500,000 and those at the 100,000 mark;
  • Even if you’re currently sitting around the 1,000,000 mark, then you’re just 112 points behind those within the magical top 10,000…

112 points might seem a lot, but when you break that down across the remaining 30 game weeks, that’s just 3.7 points per week. That’s just one goal from a forward, or one clean sheet, or an assist and a bonus point. And that’s before you take into consideration any chips you have left to play that may have already been used by managers ranked above you at this point.

Making up the points

The key thing is not to panic. Patience is often the most important aspect of FPL and with such a large part of the season still remaining, it’s key here. Many managers in a position of weakness might think they need a team of differentials in order to catch up, or to take a few punts on their captain choices, but as seen above it’s only regular short gains that need to be made over a period of time. This is not the time to be looking at high-scoring players with decent ownership levels and thinking you need to avoid them.


My advice if you’re looking to gain ground is to try and ensure you have a squad with a core base of solid scoring players (your Hazard’s, your Alonso’s, your Aguero’s, and your Sterling’s of the world) with a couple of differentials that can help you to jump above your rivals. This might even take the form of a rotating pair made up of a 4th defender and a 5th midfielder, or maybe a 5th midfielder and a 3rd striker, depending on your squad setup.

You also need to be planning a few weeks ahead. That doesn’t mean plan your transfers weeks in advance, though. I’m not a fan of planning transfers ahead too far as so much can change in that time (injuries, suspensions, etc.), but when making any moves you should ideally be looking at either players with great form, or teams that have good fixtures for the next 5/6 weeks.

Lastly, and this one is largely out of your control, but you’ll probably need some luck too!

Article written by @geoff_pedder

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