Game Week Transfers


GW8 OUT Shaw Man Utd & Salah & Firmino Liverpool / IN Doherty Wolves, Hazard Chelsea & Kane Tottenham

My 45 game weeks with Salah is over. I’ve decided to take the plunge and sell partly because they have Man City this weekend and partly because he isn’t scoring heavily enough to justify £13M being spent on him. I was wanting to only do 2 transfers but didn’t quite have enough funds to get Hazard and Kane in so took a 4pt hit to free up a little more in defence. Kane seems to be picking up a bit of form over the last few weeks and also with a home game against Cardiff this week it’s given me (in theory) a great captain option this week, therefore avoiding the Liverpool vs Man City game.

Shaw was performing ok for me picking up assists to cover up the fact they aren’t keeping clean sheets. Opted to ditch for another Wolves defender to free up some funds to enable Hazard and Kane to come in.

Long term i don’t like not having a Liverpool attacking option but will look to reevaluate this when i WC shortly.

GW7  No transfer made

GW6  OUT Mkhitaryan Arsenal / IN Richarlison Everton

My merry go round since Richarlison’s red card a few weeks ago has gone full circle and i’ve now decided to go back to him now he is available again. Mkhitaryan isn’t getting game time at Arsenal and at this price range there isn’t too much to pick from. Logic is that Everton between Walcott/Sigi/Richarlison will score and create most of anything Everton do.

GW5 OUT Walcott Everton  & David Luiz Chelsea / IN Fraser Bournemouth & Alosno Chelsea

Alonso heavy scoring in previous weeks made it clear i needed to bring him in to replace Luiz, the only way i could do it was to take a points hit and downgrade else where. So out with Walcott with Fraser coming in to replace him.

In hindsight Fraser should have been the one i went to in the previous week when replacing Richarlison but i didn’t look further ahead and should have kept money in the bank to have brought Alonso in this week for free.

GW4 OUT Richarlison Everton  / IN Walcott Everton

After his start I thought Richarlison was set in my team for a while, however the red card and subsequent ban means he is my transfer out this week.

There is still the crazy price changes going on over the weekend but as I could afford to allow him to drop once and not affect my sale price I held off until Tuesday night. I was considering Pedro and Moura, although a Moura price rise seemingly from nowhere on Monday night caught me (and many others) out and I could no longer afford him.  Feels a bit dull swapping within clubs but Everyons fixtures are still good and Walcott is in form.

GW3 OUT Jota Wolves & Schurlle Fulham / IN Kante Chelsea & Mkhitaryan Arsenal

Ditched two under performing midfielders so far this season in order to bring in Mkhitaryan who’s fixtures now turn easier. Hopefully can gain a few assists and goals over the upcoming weeks. Due to Schurlle dropping to £5.9M it meant i couldn’t bring in a £5.5M midfielder so had to drop to £5M. Went for Kante, who even though i wont expect to pick up many attacking returns is a good 5th midfielder option as he will play every game for Chelsea and good for a clean sheet bonus point too.

GW2 -OUT Sahko Crystal Palace /IN Shaw Man Utd 

The reasoning behind this transfer was just that i had two Crystal Palace defenders (Wan-Bisakka the other) and i thought, when will i ever choose to play both at the same time? Therefore i took out the more expensive option to bring in Luke Shaw who gives me a cheap route into the Utd defence. It may only be a short term move as i think Young will take his place back but trying to get points while playing.

Played the transfer on Monday evening to catch the price rise (successful).

Time In Out Active
12 Aug 23:00 Shaw Sakho GW2
19 Aug 21:37 Kanté Jota GW3
19 Aug 21:37 Mkhitaryan Schürrle GW3
28 Aug 22:46 Walcott Richarlison GW4
02 Sep 22:40 Alonso David Luiz GW5
02 Sep 22:40 Fraser Walcott GW5
15 Sep 22:30 Richarlison Mkhitaryan GW6
29 Sep 22:04 Doherty Shaw GW8
29 Sep 22:04 Hazard Salah GW8
29 Sep 22:04 Kane Firmino GW8