Meet the Team


I’ve been an FPL player for over a decade now although never really played it with the love and attention it deserved until the past two seasons. My mates all played different versions of fantasy football so those were given my attention until i managed to get them to switch over a couple of years ago.

16/17 I finished in 22K, my first 5 digit position and I don’t know what but something clicked in that season and I realised there is so much more to this game than checking your squad every few weeks.

17/18 season I decided to set up the @FPL_ElStatto twitter account as I was keen to use this to keep me motivated and to document my season. Last season I finished in 19k place and found the #FPL community online. I’ve met (in virtual sense) some amazing people who I’ve come to trust their advice on. As a result this summer I decided to set up this site to try and give something back to the community and to give others a platform to voice their opinons on the game.

FPL Account: 150

Years playing FPL: 12 officially, although for most of these this version wasn’t the main one i played so many of them were given up/forgotten about mid season. Got back into it properly 2 years ago and not looked back.

Best FPL Finish: 19,331

Proudest FPL moment: My mini league success last year. I was sitting 2/3 all season and come GW30 i was about 60 points adift but knew i had all my chips still to play. Took to the front in GW37 and that was it.

Best piece of FPL advice you have been given or can give: Play your own game and always trust your instincts.

Finally, I love playing FPL because…… it makes every game interesting and it’s all about beating your mates and winning the mini leagues right!

I’ve been lucky enough to have some great writers join the site this season and contribute fantastic weekly articles which i hope you all enjoy. Here is a bit more about them.



l6j3dF3M_400x400FPL Account: 6319

Years playing FPL: 9, only serious in last 3.

Best FPL Finish: 25,336

Proudest FPL moment: Winning a mini-league despite being 200 points adrift at Christmas.

Best piece of FPL advice you have been given or can give: Prior planning prevents poor performance.

Finally, I love playing FPL because…… there’s no better feeling than getting one overv your mates!


FPL Account: 244910tGpdxwNK_400x400

Team supported: Spurs

Years playing FPL: This is my 10th season

Best finish: 2,367 (2016/17)

Proudest FPL moment: The first time I realised I was officially part of all the ‘managers within the top 10k’ statistics, back when I was, was a pretty proud moment

Best piece of advice: Allow yourself to be swayed by facts, not by other people’s opinions. When it comes to making decisions, go with your gut, not someone’s else’s!

I love playing FPL because…. 2 years ago, I went to the pub on my own and watched a 0-0 draw between Swansea and Middlesbrough. I cheered at the final whistle because I had a defender from each team. Isn’t that what FPL is all about?!


FPL Account: 1550KylieFPL

Team Supported: I’m more of a football fan than a club fan.

Years playing FPL: This is my fourth season playing, and I’ve yet to beat my first (and best) season result.

Best FPL Finish: 4,725 (2015/16)

Proudest FPL moment: Winning my Mini-League and finishing Top 5K in my first season. Before I started playing I knew next to nothing about football (there was a LOT of study to get up to scratch!) and couldn’t for the life of me tell you what an assist was. So it was a huge learning curve – a successful one – and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Best piece of FPL advice you have been given or can give: Keep a finger on the pulse of the community bubble, but never forget that it’s the minority view, and ALWAYS follow your instincts. If you make a poor decision off your own back, it’s far less painful than going another way and wishing you hadn’t.

I love playing FPL because… I’m useless at sport but a fiend at Monopoly. FPL is a fun and competitive outlet for me, and I just love surprising people at the pub when they hear a female (with an Aussie accent, no less!) discussing football statistics.

FPL Account: 3405614RVsyP3v2_400x400

Team supported: Chelsea

Years playing FPL: 8

Best finish: just under 9,224

Proudest FPL moment: publishing of my first article ‘Chelsea under Sarri’

Best piece of advice: think about your decisions, don’t rush, it will pay off in the long run.

I love playing FPL because….. it connects all the things that i like – football, games and data analysis.