A one stop list of some of the best and most enjoyable podcast/vloggers across the FPL community. Click on their name to take you to their podcast/vlog site.

FPL Family

tGpdxwNK_400x400Join husband and wife duo Lee and Sam on our weekly live streams discussing all things Fantasy Premier League (FPL)! On Sunday nights, we react to the FPL gameweek that’s just happened and then, in midweek, we look ahead to the gameweek ahead that weekend. Join us!

Lets Talk FPL


Let’s Talk FPL brings you weekly Fantasy Premier League content throughout the season, as well as pre-season videos to bring you all the FPL Tips you need. Home of the original FPL Livestream, other content includes gameweek previews, gameweek reviews, Q&As and more.

Who Got The Assist?

tGpdxwNK_400x400The Fantasy Football (Soccer – round ball!) podcast that is all about the first question that pops in to the mind of every FPL manager when a goal goes in, but their guy hasn’t scored. And some finance and psychology stuff, too. Made by two young professionals from London who are waaaaay too obsessed with FPL, much to the consternation of our other halves.

The 59th Minute

CaptureWeekly Fantasy Premier League podcast hosted by the @FPLGeneral who has 3 Top 500 finishes in the last 4 seasons.


Bang Average

tGpdxwNK_400x400Bang Average Fantasy Football Podcast: Information, insight and a high level of nonsense galore as some of the finest minds in fantasy join host John Wallin, MikeP and FantasyYIRMA to talk all formats of the fantasy game including Draft and The Official Premier League game.

Always Cheating

ThtGpdxwNK_400x400e Always Cheating Fantasy Premier League podcast, named after this stadium chant, is hosted by Brandon Kelley and Josh Landon. We are New Yorkers, longtime podcasters and massive fans of  the English Premier League and Fantasy Premier League (FPL) game.


Planet-FPL-LandscapePlanet #FPL is a relaxed fan opinionated pod about everything FPL. James a season ticket holder at Tottenham and Suj a season ticket holder at West Ham pull no punches with their wit and banter in the search for fantasy success.


247EAAC4-A9C7-4F99-90F0-391A3DFEE3BCThe 2 Guys 1 Cup FPL Podcast is a light hearted podcast hosted by best mates Sham & Shez, who love football and FPL, filled with tips, advice and banter. Weekly content includes a GW Preview, Review, Hot Topics from the FPL community and Listener Qs.

FPL Surgery

C-SwBcfM_400x400.jpgAn FPL podcast that incorporate successful/knowledgeable guests from the FPL community, hosted by Bully and the Iceman. Filled with stats, tips and weekly interactions with listeners.

The Art of the Dive


The Art of The Dive is a weekly FPL podcast hosted by legends “80 proof” Jake (he literally took a -80 once), and self proclaimed funny, good looking, genius-man, Marco. Tune in for a dive worthy experience including 100% always correct FPL insight and, of course, necessary abuse of Jake.


CaptureDaily Six minute pods, taking a light hearted look at the issue of the day. Often controversial , but hopefully never boring. Expect anything.


The Academica Vertex

CaptureA group of avid FPL managers from around the world give their weekly FPL opinions and advice. Tune in every week, as 2 different teams, the Americans and the Eurasians discuss the key talking points and answer your questions!



cropped-3-Amigos-1The amigos – Kylie, Don and Marz – talk FPL each week, providing tips, stats, banter and a plethora of excellent guests for your listening pleasure. Each week is different, and we cannot guarantee that there won’t be Giroud-based swooning (Kylie), sing-a-longs (Marz) or awkward references to Spongebob Square Pants jocks (Don)… but there is always plenty of fun.


Is He Nailed?

C-SwBcfM_400x400.jpgA new lighthearted and laid back FPL podcast where we analyse the talking points of each game week offering our own insight and ideas.